Horizon Zero Dawn first PC patch now live: What it fixes

Former PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn came to PC last week, and it's safe to say that the player reception has been more or less mixed. It isn't because of the content of the game, as we already know that Horizon Zero Dawn offers a solid experience, but because of a number of problems with the PC port. Guerilla Games shipped the first patch for Horizon Zero Dawn today, and though it's a small one, it does begin to fix the some of the issues PC players are having.

The patch notes for today's update were published to the Horizon Zero Dawn subreddit. The patch only has a handful of fixes, with the notes listing seven specifically. The biggest fix is likely for a crashing issue that would occur if the SteamUI didn't initialize properly when the game was booted up.

Beyond that, we have fix for an issue where Concentration and slowdown mechanics just wouldn't work for some players, an another fix that allows players with special characters in their Steam or Windows usernames to actually save their games (that seems like a big one). Those of you with special characters in your usernames can also now save screenshots in Photo Mode, so there are a couple of big fixes aimed at you today.

Guerilla also says that it has "fixed several backend issues," improved diagnostic data collection, and fixed a "video corruption issue for specific hardware." That's it for the fixes shipping along in this patch, but it's worth checking out the patch notes anyway because Guerilla also lists several known issues that still exist.

Guerilla identifies these issues as high priority ones, which suggests that we'll see them addressed sooner rather than later. Among the list of known issues are some pretty serious problems such as performance issues on specific GPUs and hardware configurations, startup crashes beyond what was fixed in patch 1.01, and graphics settings not functioning correctly. Hopefully a patch to fix these problems isn't very far off, so stay tuned for more.