HORI TAC Pro One brings Xbox One’s first keyboard, mouse

JC Torres - Oct 23, 2017, 4:44am CDT
HORI TAC Pro One brings Xbox One’s first keyboard, mouse

Microsoft wants to blur the boundaries of console and PC gaming. It started when it shifted the Xbox hardware to one that’s closer to a PC. Then it made Windows 10, Cortana, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps to the console. And, now, it has officially approved the console’s first key officially licensed keyboard and mouse peripherals. Well, somewhat. While the HORI TAC Pro One does register as a keyboard and mouse, don’t plan on writing your NaNoWriMo masterpiece on the Xbox One. This pair is unabashedly design for gaming only, PC and console.

A keyboard and mouse on a console might be an alien, perhaps even heretic, thought. After all, consoles and their games have been designed and optimized with the limitations of a controller in mind. But as cross-platform gaming becomes an even bigger deal today, games that cater to both types of controls have started to surface. In fact, some seem to be better played with a mouse and some keys, even on a console.

That’s were the TAC Pro One comes in handy, no pun intended. Not a full blown combo, the “keyboard” part of the pair is actually a keypad, not unlike a Razer Tartarus one-handed keypad. The two are designed specifically for FPS games in mind, but MOBAs and RTS definitely benefit from the configuration as well.

And just like any PC gaming peripheral, the TAC Pro One boasts full programmability of settings and keys. These can be easily reached from a TAC mobile app. And, of course, each of those 20 keys are mechanical and backlit, bringing some of the aesthetics PC gamers revel in to the Xbox One.

The HORI TAC Pro One goes on sale October 30 but you can pre-order one now on Amazon for $149.99. While support for keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One has long been known, this is the first such official accessory to go public. With the gaming season approaching, we might start seeing more.


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