Hori Fighting Stick brings the arcade feel to the Wii

Chris Scott Barr - Jun 27, 2007

The thing that really holds us back from enjoying classic arcade games like we did when they came out is the controller. Take the Wii for example, yes, you can mod a classic NES controller to work, but what about games that were played in the arcade? Now you can get your arcade fix as well.

Hardware maker Hori has unveiled their new Fighting Stick for the Wii that will take you back to the 90’s where arcades were still easily found. It has a total of 8 buttons and a joystick.

For now it is only available in Japan for around $53. However, they have announced that they will be bringing the Fighting Stick to the US sometime in the future.

Arcade-style Wii Controller
[via crunchgear]

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