Hopsy reveals SUB Compact countertop draft beer machine

Hopsy has unveiled the new SUB Compact by KRUPS, a draft beer machine designed for home use. The appliance can fit on a countertop, where it takes up 30-percent less space than the company's previous offering. Consumers are provided with chilled, fresh on-demand beer without resorting to bottled and canned beverages. The machine works with Hopsy's various mini-keg products.

Hopsy is a company that specializes in selling draft beer products directly to consumers, and the new SUB Compact machine is exclusive to the company's customers. The product works with Hopsy's two liter miniature kegs, which contain 67 ounces of beer each; the mini-kegs are offered with various beers, such as "American Stout," "Bitter Strong," and "Blond Ale."

The SUB Compact doesn't require the user to install CO2 cartridges; the mini-kegs have that covered. The machine has a refrigeration function that chills the beer to 35.6-degrees Fahrenheit. Once a mini-keg is installed, the machine keeps it fresh for two weeks.

Installation is described as simple, requiring the user to insert the mini-keg, pull the tube through the tap, then close the door. The SUB Compact is priced at $299.99 USD, but is offered at a discounted $149.99 USD at this time. Buyers can pre-order the system now.

Hopsy is offering the new machine with mini-keg bundles, including a two-keg kit and a four-keg kit — each mini-keg costs $14.99 when bundled with the order. The company offers mini-kegs sold individually and in kits, such as six mini-kegs for $119.99 USD, a four-keg "beer box" for $87.99 USD, and individual mini-kegs for prices around $20 each.