Hoopla Marvel deal brings digital comics to public library users

Hoopla has finally struck a deal that brings Marvel graphic novels and other published content to the public library app. This announcement comes a couple years after Hoopla made similar deals with Dark Horse, Image Comics, and DC Comics; it greatly expands the app's comics offerings, adding some of the most coveted content for anyone to access. All you need is a public library card.

If you have a library card from a public library that participates with Hoopla, you're probably already familiar with the app. Through it, patrons can access digital content that is provided for a set period of time. More than 1,600 public libraries throughout the US offer their patrons access to Hoopla, which itself has more than half a million pieces of content across multiple categories, including books, videos, and music.

Under its new partnership with Marvel Entertainment, Hoopla is able to offer its users access to more than 250 graphic novels and collections from Marvel. This content includes Civil War, Thor: God of Thunder Vol 1, and X-MEN: The Dark Phoenix SAGA, among many other things. Hoopla's app is available for both iOS and Android, and it offers a viewing mode tailored to comics/graphic novels.

Talking about the new deal is Marvel's Julie Gerola, who said:

We're thrilled to be part of hoopla digital and to expand our reach to library patrons across North America. It's a terrific way to connect with our fans and engage with a broader audience on a platform that provides a unique experience for comic book readers through innovative technology.