Hoodie targets audiophiles with headphones-friendly hood

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 17, 2014
Hoodie targets audiophiles with headphones-friendly hood

Clothing targeted specifically at techies is a growing industry, one that aims to satisfy the modern world’s growing gadget-centric needs. One of the newest pieces of apparel in this category is Betabrand’s new hoodie targeted specifically at audiophiles.

The Audio Engineer’s Hoodie is, by all appearances, a normal hoodie, but there’s one component that Betabrand is using to target those who like their music while on the go: a hood designed to be as unobtrusive to your music as possible.

The hood is made from speaker fabric, which allows one to put their headphones over the fabric without having thick cotton muffle the audio experience. Betabrand calls it “acoustically transparent hood panels,” which are stitched to a center piece made from different fabric.

Other features include twin kangaroo pockets, water-resistant fabric, chest pockets on both the inside and outside, a pocket loop for clipping small items you don’t want to fall out, and more. The hoodie is priced at $158 USD, but is currently discounted.

Shipping starts in October.

VIA: Gizmodo

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