HoodCap Flower Unites Lens Cap And Hood For DSLR Cameras

Before we begin speaking about this cool new masterpiece, I must warn you that it is still a concept. This means it's not in production yet, and if there is a unit out there working, it's still just a prototype. That said, we sure as heck wish this particular model was out for purchase, as immediately on the lens it certainly would go. This is the HoodCap Flower, a DSLR camera cap that twists to unfold and provide the camera then with a hood for sunshine blockage.

With a clever little gear system in place on this invention comes a simple twist to open, a flower that reveals the lens in a series of transformermers. So simple it's hard to believe that such a thing hasn't already been created for the good of humanity. Imagine using such a worm gear system and Thermoplastic Elastomer to block the sun while you take your ultra high-quality photographs and videos without needing the super expensive equipment that the super pros use.

This design is a winner of one of the 2011 Spark Awards and has been featured on Yanko Design and soon quite a few other sites now that we've published it – how would you like to own such a contraption as this? The first step to getting anything produced is convincing someone to invest in it. Show the world you're interested and said items will come to you! This device again is just a concept at the moment but we're sure its designers Rhie Hyi Joong & Lee Sang Hwa would be overjoyed to have it made and sold.

[via Yanko Design]