Honeywell HDMI Cable Tester - An invaluable tool for the installation expert

I spent a few years working as a network technician. When you encounter a networking issue, the first thing you generally check is the physical connection. Is it actually plugged in, and is the cable good? It's usually a pretty easy thing to check, but if you have a 100-foot cable, are you really going to be able to check the whole thing? That's why you keep a cable tester with you, to make sure the cable is actually sending signals as it should. So when you're hooking up your new home theater system and your picture isn't perfect, you're probably going to wonder if your cable is to blame.

Honeywell has just announced the release of their new HDMI and DVI cable testers. While most of you aren't going to run out and buy a cable tester for that one HDMI cable you have, anyone that does installations on a regular basis will no doubt find this to be a tool they can't live without.

If you've every used any other type of cable tester, this one is pretty much the same. You have two pieces, an end of the cable plugs into each and nine LED lights come on. If one fails to light up, you've got yourself a bad cable. Piece of cake.