HondaLink telematics system promises interesting features for smartphones

Honda has announced a partnership with two other companies to develop the HondaLink telematics service. The other two companies include design firm frog and DENTSU Inc. The telematics service allows drivers to establish new forms of communication and companionship with their vehicles. The system uses apps that will be available for the iPhone and Android devices.

Features of the HondaLink system include advanced GPS navigation with the ability to predict traffic conditions. The system also has a dashboard featuring infographics and data visualizations allowing drivers to check fuel efficiency. The system also sends the driver or alerts and messages delivered in the form of conversations with emoticons.

These messages are delivered like conversations complete with smileys is an attempt by Honda to create a human-like connection between the driver and the vehicle. The app can also be customized to give the vehicle its own name and users can customize the color of the app. One of the key functionalities in the app is to help the driver keep up with routine maintenance.

The app is also able to keep the timeline of travels for a vehicle including places visited, when the tank was filled up, odometer updates, and other tidbits. Drivers can also get full navigation within the app for the vehicle. Honda's app also has a built-in function to send the driver coupons for service and other offers from their local dealership. The apps are expected to launch this month and will hit Thailand first.

[via Honda]