Honda teases all-new Ridgeline truck

Shane McGlaun - Dec 11, 2013
Honda teases all-new Ridgeline truck

Honda has been building and selling its interesting Ridgeline truck since the vehicle debuted in the fall of 2005. Honda is now teasing the next generation Ridgeline truck that will debut within the next two years. Honda isn’t offering much in the way of details on the new truck.

The only detail that Honda is offering is a dark profile outline of the truck that shows a profile that reminds me a lot of a Nissan Titan. Honda says that the all-new Ridgeline will hit the market in less than two years.

Honda is also confirming that the current generation Ridgeline will end production in mid-2014. That would seem to indicate that there might be a time were the Ridgeline isn’t available. Trucks are big business with several of the top selling vehicles in the country being trucks.

Honda has sold 16160 Ridgeline trucks during the first 11 months of 2013. That is only a fraction of the number of trucks segment leaders like Ford, Chevy, and Ram have sold this year. Honda says that the 16160 units sold represents a sales increase of 29%.


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