Honda talks about the slick HEV hybrid prototype

Honda is showing off a very interesting new hybrid vehicle prototype called the HEV. The car is based on the North American version of the Honda Accord, but it's nothing like a boring Accord underneath. According the Honda the hybrid will have performance like a V8 offers and efficiency of a 4-cylinder. Honda isn't sure when the prototype might be turned into a real car at this time.

The HEV will also use a seven-speed dual clutch transmission that Honda is developing. It will also have two rear motors with one powering each wheel along with a gasoline engine in the front of the car and an electric motor for the front wheels of the car. At low speeds, the rear electric motors will drive the car.

When more force is needed the front electric motor will kick in, and if that isn't enough the gas engine will then fire up. One of the coolest things is that the electric motors will be able to change what direction the power is driving the rear wheels from forward to reverse to help the car turn. That means when turning right the right rear electric motor will turn backwards and when turning left the left rear electric motor will reverse. The gas engine the car is a 3.5L V6 with direct fuel injection.

[via Techon]