Honda shows off EV-STER concept electric car at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Honda has unveiled its futuristic-looking electric concept roadster called the EV-STER just a few days ahead of the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show set to take place from December 3 through December 11. We've seen some very Tron-inspired renderings of the vehicle earlier this month, but now we get photos of the real thing along with a few more details on the specs.

The EV-STER concept vehicle is certainly attractive, featuring an open top and a small footprint with an aerodynamic wedge-shaped body made from carbon fiber for reduced weight. The drivers side is on the right and features two joysticks instead of a steering wheel.

It's a two-seater similar to the Tesla Roadster, but unfortunately with a lot less power and speed. Although Honda didn't get too specific, they did mention that the EV-STER takes about 5 seconds to go from 0 to 60km/hr (37mph) and maxes out at about 99mph.

The vehicle is powered by a 10-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery that Honda claims can store enough charge to take you a distance of 100 miles. Recharging the vehicle would take under three hours at 200 volts.

[via Wired]