Honda S2000 Custom EV Is Part Tesla And Part Chevy

Lots of car folks take the engine out of one car and cram it under the hood of another. The engine swap is nothing new. As EVs have become more common people have taken to swapping EV powertrains into cars that were never intended to run on batteries. This is exactly what this Honda S2000 is.

Honda originally put a high-revving four-cylinder engine in the S2000, but this what car has a custom EV powertrain inside. The S2000 has a pair of 2017 Chevy Volt batteries inside along with a modified Tesla P100D motor. The result is a light, 2-seat roadster that packs 650 electric horses.

The result is a car that can beat the Model S P100D Ludicrous+ at the strip, and that Tesla is a beast. The guy behind the S2000 EV posted a time slip from the drag races showing a 1.578 60-foot time and a quarter mile best of 10.639 seconds at 119.93 mph.

The impressive part is that the EV conversion is putting down these times with 2-wheel drive opposed to the P100D Ludicrous+ drag strip ETs having the benefit of all-wheel drive. The underhood pictures show that the EV conversion is very tidy and looks at home in the Honda.

There is no indication of how far the car can drive on a charge of the two battery packs. It's also unclear exactly how long it takes for the battery packs to recharge.