HomeSeer HomeTroller automation system version 2 launched

With a name like HomeTroller I half expected HomeSeer's new gadget to leave attention-seeking and argumentative messages daubed on your interior walls, but in actual fact it's their second-generation plug and play home automation and monitoring system.  Basically HomeSeer's software packed into a fanless box, it can hook up to multiple wired and wireless setups including lighting and security.

In fact that's just the start of it.  Appliances, climate and heating, irrigation, window covering and audio/video systems can all be wired up, and the HomeTroller will let you monitor them and even control them via the internet thanks to a built-in web-server.  Even if you're not so obsessive to monitor the system like that, it can be set to email or call you whenever a preset event happens, for instance someone entering the house or a window being left open.

The same call-alert system is used for voice control, with the HomeTroller either hooking into your phones or using a standalone microphone.  Alternatively it's compatible with a broad range of touchscreen, standard and remote control panels.  Hardware from Lutron, Leviton, Z-Wave, UPB and Insteon will all connect happily.

It's available for preorder now, priced at $895.  Plugins – including iTunes and OnQ – will be priced at $29.96.

[via Electronic House]