HomePod iOS 12 beta finally brings more sensible call support

In just two months, Apple will finally be unveiling its three new iPhones for the year. For those not interested in upgrading phones, the launch does bring something more interesting as well: iOS 12. But wait, there's more! While iOS 12's upcoming features have mostly been covered by now, one thing that seems to have slipped past is how it will affect the HomePod speakers. Finally, we're hearing about that and, suffice it to say, owners will finally be getting the smart speaker they deserved.

Despite delays, the Apple HomePod turned out to be one of the most controversial products to come out of Apple of late. Like the iPhone X, there are conflicting results of how well or how badly the smart speaker has done in the market. Most seem to agree, however, that its full potential was held back by its lack of features and Siri's own lack of talent.

Both will seemingly be fixed by iOS 12. Siri is getting shortcuts that put it on par or even ahead of the AI assistant race in some aspects. And soon, the HomePod will get some new talents as well. One of those, according to iGeneration, is the ability to make or take calls directly on the HomePod.

While the HomePod already works as a speakerphone, it does so in a roundabout way. You have to start or accept calls on the paired iPhone first before you can transfer it to the HomePod for better hands-free audio. With access to your contacts, the HomePod will reportedly be able to do so on its own, of course using your iPhone's connection.

Other upcoming features include having multiple timers, a "fix Wi-Fi connection" feature, and improved music search. Whether these new features alone make the $349 smart speaker finally worth it, however, remains an open question.