Homemade flying car crashes in Florida, catches fire

Some people take their DIY projects very seriously, as was apparently the case with a duo in Florida who crashed in their Maverick flying car. The Maverick is a homemade machine (it isn't clear whether the passengers bought it or made it), and surprisingly enough, it managed to get in the air with both inside. The downside to the story is where it ended badly: the car made it just high enough to crash spectacularly, injuring the two passengers and causing the vehicle to catch on fire.

The accident happened in Marion County, Florida, and fortunately neither rider were seriously injured. The Marion County Sheriff's Office confirmed the brief flight and subsequent crash to the Orlando Sentinel in a statement. The crash happened at the Dunnellon Airport, it is being reported.

Though the car has some sort of propeller mechanism and managed to get in the air, it isn't considered an aircraft, and so neither the Federal Aviation Administration nor the National Transportation Safety Board are getting involved in the matter. Whether any sort of other violations took place haven't been stated yet.

This isn't the only crash to happen involving the "flying car", as it is being called, though it technically doesn't seem to be much of either. Apparently the car has been developed by a missionary organization called I-TEC, which has hopes the contraption will let workers get to places in developing regions more easily. In the event your adventurous spirit has perked at the idea, you can buy the Maverick yourself for $94,000 USD.

VIA: Gizmodo