HomeHero Fire Extinguisher - Looks good, probably won't save your house

I'm not a person that thinks everything in my house must look stylish. Granted, I don't want everything to look like crap, but I'm not going to spend a ton of money on everyday items just because they look nice. Take your fire extinguisher, if you even own one that is. Would you really go out and spend money on one that looks fancy?

The HomeHero Fire Extinguisher definitely looks nothing like any other I've seen. I know that's the point, but lets think about this for a minute. Lets say that someone else is over and for some reason a fire crops up. When they go looking for your fire extinguisher, do you think they're going to immediately recognize this for what it is? I seriously doubt it.

There's no pricing information on this fancy fire extinguisher, however, you can bet that it will cost more than the ugly red ones. Personally, if you actually care about your home, you'll be smart enough to get one that anybody can recognize.

HomeHero Stylish Fire Extinguisher [via ohgizmo]