Homebrew Digital Picture Frame

You know you're pretty. You don't even need milkshake to bring the boys to your yard. But, being only human, you can't be everywhere at once. What if people start to forget what you look like? What if you're overlooked for that headline role in the latest Broadway musical, simply because the face of some grotty starlet who isn't you is in the office of your favourite casting director? It's a shocking situation... but we can help.

Commercially available Digital Picture Frames started off with cell-phone sized screens and have only recently graduated to semi-decent specs. Still, they tend to look a bit bargain basement all the same. Which is why real photo fanatics turn to their workshops when in need of an ever-changing way to display their images, and one of the best looking so far has to be Greg Romero's.

With the guts of a wireless-enabled laptop, Greg's frame can be updated remotely so that your latest promo shots are instantly seen by any talent scout or doting parent. If we were to suggest one moderate improvement it might be the addition of Slickr, a damned fine piece of freeware that monitors Flickr for certain tags or accounts then slideshows through the images.

Greg is kind enough to document the building of his new toy, so you've no excuse to not make one yourself. Go on, off you go.

Digital Picture Frame (Flickr) [via MAKE: Blog]