Home Improvisation: the game that has you build IKEA-style furniture

Everyone loves putting together IKEA furniture, right? You just grab your toolbox and follow the steps in those cute, cartoonish instructions, and eventually you end up with something that at least resembles what you saw in the store. But what if you didn't have those instructions? Then you're entering a depth of hell that few escape from without having smashed something in frustration. On the other hand, if that sort of puzzle sounds fun to you, then the game Höme Improvisåtion is just what you're looking for.

Available for free on PC, Mac, and even via your browser on the website, Höme Improvisåtion only gives players the pieces to be assembled into a piece of furniture, no instructions. That means it's up to you to figure out where each part goes, and in what order they need to be put together.

The gameplay itself is simple; players are just rotating the 3D pieces on their axes to get a good look at them and line them up for connecting. There are two humorous aspects that attempt to replicate the feeling of assembling IKEA furniture in the real world. First, the pieces don't always rotate in ways that you expect, making it difficult to line them up and connect. Second, the game recognizes that you probably aren't going to put everything together correctly, so as long as your finished furniture stands up, you'll move on to the next item. If your table or lamp is so crooked that it stand on its own, just lean it against the wall!

Höme Improvisåtion was built by four developers as part of Global Game Jam 2015. A mouse and keyboard are used for controls, or you can play with a Xbox 360 controller connected to your computer. Aside from being free, the best part is that it can be played cooperatively by a team of four people. So you can share that furniture-smashing frustration with three of your best friends!

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