Home Core toilet is a gadget you are supposed to dump on

Shane McGlaun - Jan 22, 2010
Home Core toilet is a gadget you are supposed to dump on

I have seen some gadgets over the years that needed to be flushed down the toilet. I have also seen my share of pimped out toilets with all sorts of stuff from TVs to game systems attached to them. I shudder to think what electronics near a toilet would look like with a 8-year-old boy in the house who thinks that circle of white with the water inside is just the general vicinity of where you need to urinate.

A designer has unveiled his vision of the toilet of the future that is intended to save water called the Home Core. I admit that it looks cool. I bet this is the type of toilet that was in Piccard’s Ready Room. The design uses grey water for flushing. That means that when you use the attached sink to brush your teeth, the water is saved to flush the toilet later. At least it should smell minty fresh, even if it’s peppered with whiskers from your morning shave.

The design also sports a pop-up mirror and some drawers to store stuff. The grossest part about the toilet is the espresso warmer built into the back. Anyone who drinks coffee while taking care of their morning download is just plain gross.

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