Holy Smoke turns your cremated loved ones into bullets

This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. If you have a loved one that is really into hunting and wants to be cremated, you can turn them into bullets. I guess the idea is that with their cremated ashes inside the rounds you can take them hunting with you as long as your rounds of people ammo hold out. The company that does this is called Holy Smoke.

They will send your loved ones ashes off to a reloaded where they will load the ashes into the cases of the shell. The bullets or shot are still made from metal; it appears the ashes simply go into the case with the gunpowder. They can make rifle shells in all common calibers and they can make shotgun shells too.

The company says it sues ATF permitted ammunition loaders/reloaders and points out not all reloaders will use cremated remains. Pricing for the shells is $850 for 250 rounds of hand loaded lead shot shells. Other types of loads are available too. The price for rifle cartridges starts at the same $850, but you only get 100 rounds. They can also load pistol rounds.