Holocube Gets Human Sized And Much, Much Creepier

We have talked about the Holocube before, but back then, the thing was smallish with a display only about 20-inches making for some nice Max Headroom action. The Holocube has been updated and now sports a screen large enough to show a full size human standing there. The thing is really creepy, if I opened my door and saw this ghostly looking girl standing there I would crap out my spleen.

The new Holocube has a 70-inch screen to throw those human size projections. The Holocube has a 40GB SSD that can store 18 hours of uncompressed video and the machine has a single switch needed to operate the works. All of the operations are pre-programmed so all you have to do its flip one switch and content can be uploaded via USB.

The projector that makes the holograms is a 600cd/m2 unit with a 1080 x 1920 resolution. The computer brain is powered by a dual-core Intel 2.8GHz CPU running Windows 7.

[Via Yanko Design]