Hockey puck survives fire, ice, and now thermite

If you spend any time on the Internet at all, you've likely seen that now infamous red-hot ball of nickel burning its way through friend and foe alike: fruits, random objects, nothing has managed to stand in its way. That is, until it met a hockey puck. Turns out hockey pucks are able to do more than take a beating from hockey sticks — they hardly sizzle when paired with red hot destruction. As an act of revenge, perhaps, the nickel-bearer turned to a more destructive force — but, as you'll see in the video after the jump, a hockey puck is not easily destroyed.

The hockey puck's ability to withstand having a red-hot ball of nickel on it for so long was a surprise, and so other methods were taken to try to best it — namely a dip in liquid nitrogen. That, too, turned out to be pretty anti-climatic, and so a mission was made — find out what can annihilate a hockey puck.

The latest test turned to thermite. Some adventurous soul put a hockey puck in a terracotta pot, filled the pot with thermite, put it in a skillet, put the skillet on some rocks, and ignited it. Flames went up. The terracotta cracked and glowed red. The hockey puck caught on fire.

At the end of it all, though, the hockey puck — though roughed up — managed to survive again. It had obviously been exposed to heat, but showed no signs of the destruction one would have expected from such an experiment. Again, the hockey puck has won.