Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Main Trailer revealed

When you read The Hobbit, did you remember there being a war so immense, it took the Lord of the Rings for a ride for grand scale? Do you remember there being a battle so massive, so beastly, that it made Return of the King seem like the cartoon version of The Hobbit? What's what Peter Jackson remembers. That's what Warner Bros. remembers. That's what you're going to get with The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Without a doubt.

This particular trailer also goes so far as to suggest that the film contains "The defining moment of the Middle Earth legend." We can only assume this means "of the Hobbit saga" – otherwise we might have some ring-based arguments to make here.

Anyway it's a trailer. It's meant to excite and entice you enough to see the film, at whatever cost. This isn't a tomb in the libraries of some epic castle.

But here's the drag – you're going to need to forget everything you know about the ending of The Hobbit. This is going to be different. Just like Lord of the Rings was different – surfing on shields different – this is going to be different too.

Stuff your books in your backpack and put on your 3D glasses, this movie is going to be big, exciting, and not at all like the book.