Hivision Android netbook could be $149 [Video]

Chris Davies - Jan 12, 2010, 4:16am CST
Hivision Android netbook could be $149 [Video]

Hivision aren’t exactly a household name, but if you fancy the idea of a $149 netbook running Android then you should start praying that they become one.  In some distant corner of CES 2010 the company had brought along their latest models, 7-inch netbooks based on ARM Cortex A9 processors with the Google mobile OS, and according to Charbax they’re not half bad.

Update: It’s looking more likely that these netbooks use older ARM9 processors, not the newer Cortex A9.  That makes it even more impressive that they’re demonstrating the speedy browsing experience talked about after the cut.  Thanks to those commenters who pointed this out.

Video demo after the cut

The Cortex A9 CPU is also at the heart of NVIDIA’s newest Tegra 2 chipset, though of course the Hivision netbooks don’t have the 1080p graphical grunt.  Still, even with just 500MHz on offer, Charbax says they’re “surprisingly fast” at web browsing over WiFi or ethernet.

That’s all you really want from a cheap netbook, and when you throw in four hours of battery life it’s even better.  That $149 price is dependent on which distributor picks them up – it could, Charbax teases, be even lower – so cross your fingers these netbooks show up at your local Costco.

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