Hitachi's InfiniGreen InfiniBand cables, more bandwidth, less power consumption

Consumers are seeking out more green and power-saving products, and frankly, there aren't any different in IT industry. Hitachi new optical active cables solution, promised to cut cost by reducing power consumption while increase productivity, is the exactly what the IT, data communication and telecommunication industries are looking for right now.

Hitachi upcoming InfiniGreen Optical active cable enables 12x QDR (10Gbit/s) full-duplex InfiniBand connectivity, it's 6 times more bandwidth and only consumes 1/3 power compares to counterparts. Also, the cable terminal is compliant to InfiniBand Trade Association standard, and the presence of fiber optics is less bulky and more flexible in handling and installation.

The company will exhibit the new InfiniGreen InfiniBand cables at San Diego OFC/NFOEC Convention from March 24th through March 26th. Presently, samples are out and already delivered to selected customers.

TOKYO –(Business Wire)– Mar 16, 2009 Hitachi Cable, Ltd. (TOKYO:5812), a leading supplier of high-end cabling and electro-optical components for the IT, data communication and telecommunication industries, today announces the upcoming launch of its InfiniGreen(*1) line of Optical Active Cables. InfiniGreen will provide 12x QDR (10Gbit/s) full-duplex InfiniBand(*2) connectivity, which is six times more bandwidth than current market solutions. At the same time, InfiniGreen is projected to typically consume only 0.9 watts per termination, about 1/3rd that of today's InfiniBand active cables. InfiniGreen accomplishes this by embedding parallel optical transmission lines within the cable, which is terminated with the CXP connector currently being standardized by the InfiniBand Trade Association.

"InfiniGreen provides the performance attributes that HPC (High Performance Computing) and data center owners are requesting for the years ahead", stated Lou Marra, Senior Vice-President of Hitachi Cable America. It provides the next level of InfiniBand-standards-based connectivity, yet with a power consumption-to-bandwidth ratio reduction of almost 6-fold. It connects to the server just like a copper cable patch-cord, but it is easier to handle, as the embedded fiber optics is less bulky and stiff. This ease-of-handling, together with the reduced power consumption and Hitachi Cable's well-known quality, will significantly reduce our customers' cost".

Hitachi Cable has started to ship samples to select customers. Hitachi Cable will also perform live demonstrations of InfiniGreen at Booth#1449 in OFC/NFOEC 2009 exhibition held at San Diego Convention Center in March 24th through March 26th.