Hitachi Shows Off New 4.5-Inch 3D Glasses-Free LCD For Mobile Devices

Hitachi has announced a new small screen that is sure to find its way onto smartphones and other portable gadgets in the coming months. The new screen is 4.5-inches wide and supports 3D content. The screen needs no glasses for viewing the 3D content either and it has HD resolution so you can watch the HD content you like too. That HD resolution is as interesting as the 3D tech to me.

The new screen is IPS-based and is rated for 300 cd/m2 brightness with 2D mode and in 3D mode, the brightness is rated at 470 cd/m2. The resolution of the little screen is 1280 x 720. That is a much higher resolution than the similar 3.1-inch screen Hitachi launched last year with only 480 x 854 resolution. The screen from last year used a barrier approach for the glasses-free 3D tech, which reduced the brightness of the screen and reduced image quality.

The new screen uses a new lenticular lens approach rather the the barrier approach of the old screen from last year. The new screen has a lens, IPS panel, and backlight where last year a barrier layer was placed over the IPS panel and backlight. The screen is aimed at mobile phones, portable TVs, and handheld gaming devices.

[via TechCrunch]