Hisense Laser TV line expands with new TriChroma 2021 models

Hisense has announced its new TriChroma Laser TV line at CES 2021, updating the product family it first introduced back in 2014. The new models will be available in sizes ranging from 75-inches to 100-inches, bringing what Hisense says is 'significantly improved' color, brightness, and immersion.

For those unaware, a laser TV is basically an ultra-short-throw projector — the kind you can place very close to a wall — that projectors the picture across the display. The big advantage is that because the picture is projected, you can get a large display — though big TVs have become increasingly common outside of projectors.

The TriChroma Laser TVs from Hisense feature a new RGB laser, improving the color performance. According to the company's chief scientist of laser display, Dr. Liu Xianrong, the new TriChroma TVs offer a 128-percent RGB color improvement over the older models. Xianrong went on to say:

From dual color to full color, we have achieved a 128% improvement in the original RGB color. The TV's highest color gamut standard can reach 107% BT2020. The three primary color light sources, with extremely high color purity, bring an amazing color performance. The color gamut coverage can reach up to 151% of the DCI-P3 film color standard, which is almost 50% beyond high-end cinema.

The 2021 TriChroma Laser TV models will start at a huge 75-inches and span up to 100-inches, according to Hisense, and will be available sometime later this year. Additional details will be provided when the actual product launch takes place, but Hisense has claimed that its new model will offer 107-percent rec.BT2020 color space and 150-percent DCI-P3, which would make it very notable in the television market.

Pricing and availability information isn't yet available.