Highly Detailed Fallout 4 Figure Gets An Equally High Price

Back in December, we showed you some early pics of an incredible Fallout 4 figure. The figure boasted a completely removable set of T-45 power armor, and an unfinished paint job. We didn't get a lot of details back then, but now we've got them all.

The original statue pictures were impressive, even without the finer details that only paint can bring out. Well, the finished product looks even better than I could have imagined, though the price is even more astonishing. (And not in a good way.)

This 1:6 scale figure stands 14.5" tall, with 35 points of articulation, including articulating fingers. This Sole Survivor packs an AER-9 Laser Rifle and his own removeabl T-45 power armor complete with LED function in the helmet. What's more, threezero is planning to make more figures in the future, and the power armor will detach and fit those as well.

So how much would you pay for one of these incredibly detailed figures? If you said $400, then it's your lucky day. You'll be able to pre-order one of these starting January 28, for $398. While I'll not judge anyone for shelling out that kind of cash for a figure, I'll just remind you that you can literally buy a brand new console, a copy of Fallout 4, some Nuka Cola, and a cheap bobblehead for less.

VIA: Polygon