High Water Sound four-arm turntable with multiple music personalities

Since vinyl purists are such, well, purists, it comes as no surprise that they favor different needle cartridges depending on the type of music they're listening to.  No problem if you only play, say, jazz, but if you're also partial to some reggae, string quartet and classic ABBA, that's a whole lot of switching and tweaking each time.  New York audio pros High Water Sound may have the answer: a modified TW-Acoustic Raven AC turntable with four separate, independent arms and cartridges.

The theory is that you can pick the most suitable arm and cartridge (all of which are sourced from different manufacturers, and prized for their individual sound qualities) based on the type of music you're in the mood for.  No more manually swapping heads over, or tweaking equalizer settings to emulate other models.

As ever, the sting is in the price-tag: the modified turntable will cost you around $56,000.  Of course, you're also stuck if you have five favorite cartridges; my advice would be to wait until the eight-arm version comes around, after all it pays to have some room for expansion.

[via Crave]