High volume of PS4 logons causes PSN crashes

A number of PS4 users that were set to play their consoles today have run into an issue logging onto the PSN. The issue has reportedly been occurring in the US and Canada following the PS4 console launch. Sony is asking fans of the PS4 and the PSN to be patient as it works to fix the issues.

Reports indicate that users are running into issues logging into the PSN are seeing two different errors. The errors include NW-31453-6 or NP-3500-8 along with text that states, "The network connection has been lost." Sony posted a response to the issue on the support site, but that response has been removed for some reason.

The image here is the response form Sony that was posted. It states that the PSN is experiencing "extremely high volume" and that some may have difficulty connecting. The problem for PS4 games is that they must connect to the PSN to be able to download the update required on launch day.

Sony says that it is working on the issue right now. Things are likely to get worse as the day wears on and gamers that didn't go pickup their consoles last night get their new PS4 and try to connect today and through the weekend. An alternative to get the patch is to get it from the PlayStation website, put it on a flash drive, and update the console that way.