High tech smart glasses that help doctors see cancer cells developed by researchers

Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world and affects tens of thousands of people. One of the issues that surgeons and patients alike face is that when they go into surgery to remove cancerous tissues, it can be very difficult for the surgeon to get all of the cancerous tissues. Missing some of the cancer means another surgery for the patient.

A group of researchers have announced the development of some smart glasses that make it much easier for the doctor to see cancerous cells. The goal is to make it so that doctors can get all of the cancerous tissue out of the body at one time. The glasses were developed by a team from Washington University.

The leader of the research team is Samuel Achilefu and the team says that the glasses make the cancer cells glow blue. The smart glasses run custom software and a molecular imaging agent gives the cells the blue color.

The blue color seen in the smart glasses should make it much easier for the surgeon to remove all of the cancerous tissues. The glasses were used for the first time during a surgery this week. The researchers say that the glasses still need to be tested and developed more before they are ready for common use.

SOURCE: Engadget