Hidden Prison Architect 3D mode shows how ugly your prison is

If you have never played Prison Architect, a unique and very cool game allows you to design and build your own prison that will house inmates. The challenge is to build a prison that functions and keeps the bad guys behind bars. In the game, the prisoners will riot, attack guards, and even tunnel out if you don't keep an eye on them.

The game presents players with goals that win money to spend on your prison for meeting certain criteria like adding more cells or starting a prisoner education program to help rehabilitate the criminals before their release. You can add armed guards, dogs, and even build an execution chamber to rid the world of the worst criminals. The game is a top down title with graphics that are old-school, it's not a game you play for beautiful graphics.

One player has found a hidden mode in the game that takes you right down into the dark, narrow corridors of your prison amongst the bad guys and the guards. A hidden checkbox at the bottom of the Extras menu turns on 3D mode. Once activated you get an entirely new view to enjoy the game from.

This might be the perfect mode to see just how well your prison is laid out from a first person point of view. 3D view is said to take a while to load and not all of the images are ready for 3D viewing. For instance, beds and pool tables are still 2D images. It's unclear if this hidden mode is a work in progress or a remnant of some original feature that the dev team abandoned. If you want to try 3D mode for yourself, the video below goes over how to find and activate the hidden mode. Note that the video has NSFW language.

SOURCE: Eurogamer