Hidden Holly Hedges message hints at major Fortnite flood event

A player has spied a cleverly hidden secret message in Fortnite Chapter 2's Holly Hedges location. The message involves an H-shaped house that has been known to players, something that, it turns out, is the last letter in a full word potentially hinting at an upcoming game event. Assuming the speculation is true, Fortnite players may soon face a giant flood.

The secret message is visible when the player is located high enough above Holly Hedges; it simply spells 'Noah,' which is the name of the man in the biblical myth about a global flood that covered the entire world. The name is spelled via a dirt path that twists to form an N, spanning above some hedges that form an O to cross some fencing that completes an A. The house, of course, is the H.

Anyone ever notice this spells "NOAH"? from r/FortNiteBR

It's unclear just how long this message has been hiding in plain sight and it is possible that it's simply an easter egg inserted by a game developer in reference to their own name or that of someone they know. However, it seems more likely that it's a deliberate tease, helping add a tiny bit of excitement into the four-month-long first season of Chapter 2.

It wouldn't be surprising for Epic to introduce a huge flood into the game. Fortnite's major Chapter 2 upgrade completely changed the way water appears and functions in the game; it is now robust and fairly realistic with support for fishing and swimming. The water has played an important role in the new season, helping players quickly navigate the map and retrieve healing items using readily available fishing poles.

A large flood would also give Epic a good reason to substantially change one or more points of interest, though it's pure speculation whether such a massive alternation to the island will actually happen. Players have been hoping for something major to happen; the excitement drummed up by the Chapter 2 launch has fizzled away and many players complain of boredom.