Hi-tech sticky notes offer more accurate reminders

Post-It notes are something many of us use, and if you haven't, well then you're just weird or have one of those freakishly fantastic memories. Scott here on Slashgear is one of those obnoxious people that never seems to forget a single thing, which makes him a nightmare to debate with. In his defense though, he's always extremely polite about his overabundance of random knowledge.

If you're not like him though, you might need those notes stuck to every flat surface in your home and office. This sticky note is a slightly more hi-tech version. The device was originally created for those with severe memory loss, and is now likely going to be used for the flaky and slightly chaotic minds that inhabit just about everyone else in the world.

It uses a low-cost electronic circuit printing technology, which is what is used in those obnoxious musical greeting cards. The memo note itself uses thermo-chromic ink which is also used in thermometer strips. You use a normal pen to write on the glowing strip and then can set the note to flash or beep at a chosen time. The notes aren't out just yet, but the creator is hoping that they will be released next year priced at about $20 for a pack of ten.

[via boingboinggadgets]