Hi-Can is a Hi-Fi Canopy

James Allan Brady - Feb 20, 2008

In fact that’s what its name is short for, so you are wondering, how can a canopy bed be high fidelity? Well, its simple, there is a projector, sound system, and projection screen that you can’t readily see, all built in.

You can kind of see the lens from the projector and slivers of a couple of speakers, but that’s it. The screen obviously rolls down above the foot of the bed, and then I assume somewhere else in the bed there is a tuner, DVD player, or at the very least inputs and space to store and connect your own.

So, not only does this canopy look amazing design wise, but the functionality that is built in as well makes it all that more useful. I want one, and if you do to (the difference being you might have the funds to afford it) you can contact Edoardo Carlino, the Italian designer who made the thing.

[via likecool]

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