HGST ships new CinemaStar 2.5-inch HDDs

HGST has announced a new family of CinemaStar 2.5-inch hard drives aimed at the A/V and consumer electronics market. The new drives have 500 GB or higher capacity, low power demands, quiet operation, and high reliability to target what HGST calls the "sweet spot" in the market. The new drives include thin 7 mm Z-height 500 GB HDDs along with thicker 2.5-inch 1 TB HDDs.

The new family of CinemaStar drives includes the Z7K500 aimed at high-performance A/V streaming. This drive has the thin 7 mm height and up to 500 GB capacity. The C5K1000 is a 2.5-inch drive family stay 5400 RPMs with up to 1 TB capacity. These drives consume as little as 1.5 W of power being read and write operations and promised to be quiet as well.

The final new model is the Z5K500, which is a 7 mm tall 5400 RPM drive aimed at consumer electronic use. The drive comes in up to 500 GB capacity and uses 1.4 W of power during read and write operations. This drive is aimed at power efficient DVR systems and can store up to 185 hours of HD programming.