HEX Releases Watch Band for iPod Nano Gen 6

Chris Burns - Dec 29, 2010, 4:23 pm CST
HEX Releases Watch Band for iPod Nano Gen 6

Ohh! Pretty Colors! Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more iterations of the idea that the iPod Nano acting as a watch face, here comes along HEX with a super awesome (and super inexpensive!) version in not one, not two, but NINE different colors. This band has a “Pop-in, Pop-out” design that lets you toss your iPod Nano in and out of it with what we can only assume is ease, and majority of the watch being made of premium silicone. There’s integrated control buttons and a fancy pattern around the edge so you’ll be sporty and fully functional.

This HEX Watch Band costs a total of $29.95 if you shop at shophex.com – there’s an instructional video if you’re still not impressed. Oh and did I mention that the inline orientation of the band makes for a discreet up-the-arm orientation for your headphone cords? Right through your sleeve. Check out the full press release below:

Oxnard, CA – December 29, 2010 – HEX, the leading designer and manufacturer of fashionable tech accessories, is excited to announce the availability of the new HEX Watch Band for iPod nano® Gen 6. Available in 9 fun colors, the HEX Watch Band allows users to protect the iPod nano® while sporting it as a stylish accessory.

The HEX Watch Band features a “Pop-in, Pop-out” design which allows for easy placement of the iPod nano®. With premium silicone and integrated control buttons, the Watch Band provides maximum protection and full access to all controls on the iPod nano®. Additionally, the inline orientation of the Watch Band allows headphone cords to run straight up the user’s arm or discretely through a sleeve keeping the cords from tangling or getting in the way while on the go.

The HEX Watch Band is available now in 9 fun colors including red, pink, orange, green, blue, clear, black, grey and white, for $29.95 at www.shopHEX.com.

For further information, check out the instructional video and follow HEX on Facebook and Twitter.

About HEX:
Founded in 2010, HEX is a division of August Accessories, a 21-year old company known for its design, development and execution of innovative products. HEX connects technology with style by pairing new gadgets with unique and fashionable solutions. Using high quality materials and the latest style trends, HEX provides accessories to meet its customers’ demand for tech-compatible products that are equal parts form and function. More information on HEX can be found on www.shopHEX.com, Facebook and Twitter.

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