Heroes is coming to Fanfare

Daniel Lim - Dec 11, 2007

Following the disagreement with ITunes early this year, NBC Universal turns partnership with SanDisk Corp for web-based content services. The hardcore Heroes fan must be thrilled to see the return of Hiro Nakamura once again back on the downloadable web format but that’s not all. Coming this January, 2 hit comedy “The Office”,”30 Rocks” together with “Heroes” will be feature on Fanfare and there are more to come from NBC’s sister network such as USA Network, SCI FI Channel, Bravo, NBC Sport, News and many more.

The SanDisk’s Fanfare is still in beta version; it works conjunction with a wireless media streaming device like Sansa TakeTV to display downloadable DMRed web content on your TV. The cost of TakeTv is $99 for 4Gb and $149 for 8Gb model. It’s only available in US, current content providers including CBS, Jaman, Showtime, Smithsonian Networks, the Weather Channel, and TV Guide. It’s downgrading if you ask me comparing Fanfare to ITunes, lucky for SanDisk.

NBC Universal to Provide TV Content for SanDisk’s Web-Based Service Fanfare(TM) [via newobserver]

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