HERO makes tracking, dispensing medicine a lot smarter

We've already seen a bevy of smart home appliances, part of the Internet of Things invasion, that cover a range of functionality, from cleaning, to environmental control, to security. But few, or none at all, focus on one aspect that needs an infusion of smartness, health. To that extent, HERO might be the first of its kind. A smart appliance, HERO's sole purpose is to make sure that never again will you, your loved ones, or your charge forget to take that critical medication on time.

Dispensing medicine might sound too trivial to make into a smart appliance, but anyone advanced in age will tell you how it gets harder to remember to take their medication at the right time or to remember if they've already taken it. HERO takes most of the work out of that process, monitoring and reminding users when to take their next dose.

The rather huge contraption that almost looks like a coffee dispenser actually has room for 10 types different pills. This pills can be dispensed as scheduled, helpful for those that need to maintain a certain dosage. A mobile app offers not just reminders for those taking the meds but also notifications for caregivers in case a dose has been missed.

Alternatively, HERO can also be made to dispense on demand. In both cases, it keeps track of how many have been dispensed so that you aren't caught unawares when the supply goes too low.

HERO will be available for retail by early Summer this year, with a rather hefty $999 price tag. But for early bird pre-orders, which start today, it will cost only $399, which includes a free 3-month trial of the product's online portal.