Here's your PlayStation Plus free games list for February

We find ourselves on the final day of January, which means that a fresh batch of PlayStation Plus games will be here before you know it. Today Sony detailed what's in store for PlayStation Plus members during the month of February. As always, there's something for all PS Plus users here, regardless of your platform of choice (though, similarly, PS4 players tend to get a little extra love, and that's no different next month).

Let's dive right in with the PlayStation 4 games for the month. The first free game for PlayStation 4 is none other than Knack, a decidedly average game that has turned into something of meme in the years since it released. That's not to say Knack is bad, of course, and if you missed out on it when it first launched, this is a good time to check it out without having to drop any of your hard-earned cash (unless you're signing up for PS Plus specifically to play Knack, which might be somewhat ill-advised).

If Knack isn't quite your cup of tea, PS4 users will also be getting a free copy of Rime next month. Rime draws influence from greats like Shadow of the Colossus and Journey, so if you were a fan of those games, this could very well be worth the space it takes up on your hard drive. If nothing else, Rime looks absolutely beautiful, so we're all in for a feast for the eyes.

Over on PlayStation 3, we have free copies of Spelunker HD and Mugen Souls Z to look forward to. PS Vita players, on the other hand, will get Exiles End and Grand Kingdom for free. While both PS Vita titles are usually cross-buy enabled with PlayStation 4, in February only Grand Kingdom is, so PS4 players are getting a little less bang for their buck next month.

There is, however, one final freebie to take advantage of. Sony reminds players that they can snag a free copy of StarBlood Arena for PSVR, so if you happen to be a PS4 owner with one of those headsets, you're getting a little something extra in February. StarBlood Arena will be free through March 6, so make sure you download it before then if this is one you want to add to your library.