Here's what the Nintendo Switch can't do, or so says Nintendo

For some gamers, the Nintendo Switch is a dream come true, allowing them to take console-quality games on the road, in the living room, or whenever and wherever the urge strikes. It also has some fancy controllers to boot! But it's not going to be everything for everybody, especially not for Nintendo. For its creator, the Switch is designed to deliver the best gaming experience, nothing more, nothing less. So, at least for now, video streaming is out!

Nintendo actually remains pretty coy about details of the Switch, keeping gamers at the edge of their seats. So when more or less definitive answers like "no" come, you can bet that's Nintendo putting its foot down. Sadly, it's not going to sit well with some who dream of the Switch being an all-around entertainment system.

Not likely, Nintendo says. At least for now, it is saying that video streaming, from at least from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, is a no go. Nintendo is considering it for a future update, but, given how old Nintendo moves at a snail pace, that might never happen.

Curiously enough, Nintendo is actually also closing off the Switch from some of its own services. In particular, The console-handheld hybrid wont' have access to Miiverse. Users will still be able to create Miis via the built-in Mii Maker, but those will mostly be for user profile purposes. Sharing screenshots and videos on Miiverse, however, is not supported. Instead, Nintendo wants users to upload to popular social networks like Facebook. Actually, recording and streaming game play isn't supported either, but, like video streaming in general, is something Nintendo is considering for the future.

Nintendo isn't talking much about compatibility with its other platforms, devices, and accessories. If you were hoping to play some Virtual Console games or hook up the Wii U to the Switch, you'll have to continue dreaming. The closest you'll get to playing old Nintendo titles is via the free monthly NES/SNES offers.

In a nutshell, the Nintendo Switch is going to be a pretty but walled garden, something that might put off some potential buyers. It's not really surprising though. The Switch is a totally new platform and Nintendo is most likely still testing the waters itself. It's less a Wii or even a 3DS and closer to a custom mobile gaming device, especially with that dismal 32 GB storage.

VIA: Kotaku