Here’s how you get Android TV

Chris Burns - Jun 25, 2014
Here’s how you get Android TV

Google has dished up a new integrated smart TV system for your television set called Android TV – but you won’t necessarily be buying a separate piece of equipment to get it. Android TV will be brought to the market in a variety of ways – some in-set, some out. This system begins its roll-out with a number of 2015 television sets from Sharp, Sony, TP Vision, and Philips.

Users will be able to access Android TV from their television just so long as it’s been advertised as such right out of the box. Instead of purchasing a separate box, you’ll have Android TV abilities right inside your normal (smart) TV.

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There’s also a number of boxes you can buy – or will be able to buy soon, that is to say. These boxes run Android TV and are connected to your TV with an HDMI cable and run Android TV to any set. You’ll find Android TV boxes coming from LG, SFR, Razr, Bouygues Telecom, and more.


Android TV will work with Android apps made specifically for Android TV – coming in the near future – like Netflix and Hulu and Google Play Movies. You’ll also be able to work with Chromecast “casting” abilities like you would with the Chromecast streaming dongle. To see apps that’ll work with Chromecast abilities, Google has created a portal at where you can peruse.

Have a peek at our Android TV tag portal for more information, and stay tuned to SlashGear for Google I/O 2014 all week!

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