Here's how to update your AirPods

Apple has pushed out a new update to AirPods, bringing them up to firmware version 3.5.1. Unlike the updates we frequently see with iPhones and iPads, this firmware update isn't accompanied by any kind of patch notes. That makes it fairly difficult to figure out what, exactly, is changing with this update.

The folks over at Apple Insider were able to get one of their Apple contacts to tell them that this update features "miscellaneous minor bug fixes," but beyond that, Apple isn't getting all that specific. In any case, some of you might be wondering how you actually update AirPods, seeing as how there's no real interface to go along with them.

READ MORE: Apple AirPods ReviewThe good news is that for many of you, the process should be automatic. The only way to be sure that your AirPods have updated is by connecting them to your phone and then going into the Settings menu. From there, navigate into "General" and then into "About." Select the AirPods option and there you'll find their current firmware version.

If you check the firmware only to find that they haven't been updated yet, the process of making sure they grab the latest firmware is a simple one. Just make sure that your AirPods are connected to your phone and that your phone is nearby. Then, connect your AirPods charging case to a charger and the update process should begin automatically.

There isn't any visual indication that your AirPods are being updated, so you'll just have to double check the firmware version again after a few minutes to make sure it's been applied. If you've been experiencing any bugs while using your AirPods, hopefully this firmware updates put an end to them. Without a set of patch notes, however, it's difficult to know just which bugs are being quashed.

SOURCE: Apple Insider