It is Android Beta time once again

This week Google released the Public Beta download for Android O, the next new version of Android. This version of the software introduces some radical chances to the mobile operating system, including picture-in-picture mode, notification dots, and Smart Text Selection. To take part in the Public Beta, users have only to tap a few buttons and let it go automatic!

For those that want to run Android O the easy way – there are some restrictions. Only a few devices can run Android O at this early stage. These devices are in Google's Nexus collection and Google's Pixel collection – everyone else has a more difficult task ahead of them.

The Nexus 5X is allowed to join the Android Beta program for Android O as of this week. The same is true of the Nexus 6P and the Nexus Player. As the Nexus Player is on the list, we expect that the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV wont be far behind – but for now, NVIDIA SHIELD owners will have to wait just a bit.

Google's Android Beta program for Android O also includes the Pixel C as well as both the Pixel and the Pixel XL. These devices are all sold by Google with a unique version of Android on them – and all updates come through Google. The system of downloading the Android O Public Beta begins by signing up for the program.

Tap in on the Google Android Beta page and read the directions. They're simple, really – and they'll begin with agreeing to some terms. Do not go forth if you have a device that needs to be active and work perfectly no matter what – that's not what this program is all about.

Once the Beta program has been accepted, head to your Android device's settings. Inside settings, find Device Info and/or System Updates – and bang! There Android O will be. Eye think it's the bomb!