Here's How To Right Click On Chromebooks

Chromebooks are simply laptops, but perhaps not like any other laptop you've used due to their one defining feature: Chrome OS. The operating system is designed to be simple enough for anyone to use, offering a relatively minimalist experience for users who primarily need the device for getting online, writing documents, and other simple tasks.

Because Chrome OS is different than Windows and Mac, some of the typical functions you're used to may not work as anticipated on a Chromebook. Learning the right ways to perform common actions is simple, though, including right-clicking on items to open the context menu.

Typically speaking, laptops have two buttons below their trackpads, though that's not always the case: some have the buttons below the trackpad, allowing the user to press on each corner to perform left and right clicks. Chromebooks, however, lack these trackpad buttons as they rely on gestures and taps.

Tapping a Chromebook's trackpad with one finger is the equivalent of a left-click, and as you may have guessed, tapping the trackpad with two fingers is the equivalent of a right-click (via Google). The tap needs to be quick, though, as touching two fingers on the touchpad for too long will register as a different kind of gesture.

Alternatively, you can use a wireless mouse with your Chromebook, which will give you access to a dedicated right-click button. Some wireless mice may not work well with Chrome OS, however, so it's ideal to get one that is Works with Chromebook certified.