Here's a great way to get yourself banned from Xbox Live

Remember that little tip I gave you yesterday about being able to download Grand Theft Auto IV? What was the one thing I told you not to do if you still chose to download and play it? That's right, connect to Xbox Live. Apparently there are more than a few geniuses out there that have decided to rack up their achievements on Live.

I really have to wonder what these people are thinking. If anyone in the general public can see that you're playing the game (and getting achievements), don't you think the people over at Microsoft and Rockstar are going to notice.

While neither company has specifically stated that they will be taking action against such users, Microsoft is looking into the matter. Either way, I really wouldn't be surprised if the usernames in the image above don't end up getting a nice permanent ban soon. That's no more than they deserve for being stupid.

[via Kotaku]