Here's a closer look at the Galaxy Note 8's camera bump

If the center of attraction for the Galaxy S8 was its screen, the Galaxy Note 8's star might be its back. Of course, the "improved" Infinity Display is going to make heads turn, but it won't be too surprising if Samsung focuses most of its marketing on its first ever dual cameras. It's probably also going to be one of the most criticized part of the design, and this new leaked photo shows why.

It's probably no secret by now how the Galaxy Note 8's camera bump will look, much to the annoyance of some would be users. While the entire bump is centered on its back, almost nothing is actually in the center. The LED flash, which sits atop a heart rate sensor, is to the right, which pushes the fingerprint scanner even further right than the Galaxy S8's. The two cameras are to the left, though one camera does seem to sit close to the phone's center line.

Now we have a closer look at that camera, allegedly from an actual model or a very convincing dummy at least. While it does sadly confirm the positions, it still leaves one question open. Will the fingerprint scanner behave like a button this time? The Galaxy S8's fingerprint scanner was simply a flat surface. Up close, it seems that this time the sensor could be embedded under an actual button.

That said, another leaked image, this time for a marketing material, doesn't exactly show any indication of that though, of course, these are rendered images rather than actual device shots. This image, on the other hand, does give a better look at the overall design of the Galaxy Note 8, including the curved, but not so much, screen.

Much of what the Galaxy Note 8 might have is pretty much common knowledge now, at least as far as leaks go. But the more important questions can only be answered when the device actually gets into people's hands. Like how Samsung will perform with its first ever dual cameras. Or, more importantly, whether the Galaxy Note 8 will burn like its predecessor.


Tung Ha