Here are Google's top apps, content for 2016

The year is about to end, and as is the tradition almost every where, it's a time for reminiscing and retrospectives. That's true back in the analog days and still true even in today's digital age. Being one of the biggest sources of digital content, Google Play has some insight into the hottest trends of the year. So naturally, Google is in the position to reveal what's hot and what's not as far as apps, music, and movies go. While some of them are as you would expect, there are others that will have you scratching your head.

There is probably little doubt that Pokemon GO deserves the #1 spot in mobile games. Even Apple's own iTunes ratings would attest to that. Clash Royale, from the creators of the equally addictive and equally top grossing Clash of Clans is at least also acceptable in second place. There might be some, however, who may doubt that Traffic Rider,, and Dream League Soccer do occupy the rest of the top five games of the year.

Things get a bit weirder when it comes to non-game apps. Face Changer 2 is named as numero uno in that list, followed by a photo editor by the name of Lumyer. The Castbox podcasting app at third might be acceptable, though some would expect that fourth placer Emoji Keyboard Pro would rate higher. At fifth is MSQRD, whose name doesn't immediately hint that it's a Snapchat-like photo manipulation and animation app.

Google Play, of course, dabbles in more than just Android apps. It also has TV shows and movies and music. Google Play users have decreed that Game of Thrones has bested The Walking Dead this year, though the latter's fans are sure to contest that.The Big Bang Theory retains a strong following, enough to surpass award-winning Mr. Robot. CW's the Flash is the last of the top 5, the only superhero TV show to make the list.

Movies are harder to accept, however, with Deadpool leading the race, displacing even Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And while most would agree that Batman v Superman didn't exactly do well in the box office, it's surprising that even Zootopia outranks it. In fact, Zootopia even topped Captain America: Civil War!

The major caveat to this rather perplexing list is that it is, in the end, more a reflection of the tastes of users flocking to Google Play's services and content rather than a more general global trend. While Google definitely has a lot of weight when it comes to mobile apps and games, videos, movies, and music aren't exactly its forte just yet.

SOURCE: Google