Helmet Can Charge Your Cell Phone Thanks to Solar Power

When it comes to charging things while on the go, having access to the ability is pretty important. Especially as more and more devices get released. But, we're of the mind that the devices that charge our other devices need to be even remotely practical. We'll leave it up to you on whether or not a helmet that can charge your cell phones is practical or not.

This particular helmet was engineered by two students from India, working out of their university. It's designed to protect your head while you're riding around, but also charge your cell phone when you need to get that extra boost. Apparently the university was having some kind of "green fest," and the students wanted to make sure that their helmet fit well into the category of green. Thanks to some solar panels on the helmet, they made the mark.

There's no exact details on the helmet, what they did to make it, or how it even works other than those panels, but you could buy it all for $23, according to the students. Pretty cheap, considering the use of solar panels during the day, and wind charging at night. Now, about that practical thing...

[via Gizmo Watch]